Milcho Leviev / Multiple Personalities - MQP1109

Milcho Leviev Plays the Music of Don Ellis

Milcho Leviev-Piano

MP3 Track Samples
1.Pussy Wiggle Stomp
5.Simple Samba
6.Requiem for a Friendship
7.Indian Lady
8.Blues in Elf
10.Simple Samba (alternate take)
11.Pavane for a True Musical Prince
12.Rain Forest
13.Sugar's Lullaby

Multiple Personalities is the exciting solo piano recording of internationally acclaimed musician Milcho Leviev, interpreting the music of jazz legend Don Ellis. Milcho began his United States career by playing in and writing for the Don Ellis orchestra. His association with Ellis still holds a special place in his heart and mind.

This recording is Milcho's way of paying personal tribute to a unique and brilliant man. The material is a mix of the familiar and the unknown. Some of Ellis' more popular compositions for big band are completely reinvented here while other tunes are "new" and have never before been recorded in any configuration. There are a few additional surprises as well.

Throughout the recording, Milcho plays with his usual yet remarkably unique and arresting style�full of virtuosity, emotional highs and lows, thoughtful introspection, and sly humor. He is a musician of the human spirit. By making something personal he has also made something universal.

Nick Di Scala Executive Producer